Always follow your heart and gut! Especially when it comes to something dear to you. Zoe Pup’s Update!


Omgosh, y’all,  Zoe isn’t as bad off as that “vet” said she was!


I had a consultation with Dr. Don Hamilton the holistic vet I mentioned in my last post. He looked at all her blood work and records from that other “vet” and basically said the treatment they were prescribing was overkill. He was nice saying that unfortunately when you go with a more corporate vet they have to go by their protocols. Got it, LESSON LEARNED.

Grrrr! To make things worse when I read Zoe’s health records from that “vet” this was how they described our visit. Clue:  P is for pet and O is for owner. I cut and  pasted...these are their exact words. Spelling and all!

Client Education: Discussed Ps bloodwork, indicates that P is in chronic renal failure, discussed Ultrasound as next best step to determine the state of her liver, and the cause of her renal disease, O declined immediately due to cost. Discussed long term subcutaneous fluid therapy, phosphorous binders, keeping P on renal diet and continuing liver supplement, O was very put off by starting subcutaneous fluids and giving daily medication/treatment to P, said she wasnt sure if she wanted to "live her life" based on her Ps medical needs. Explained that without treatment it was very possible these things would get worse and she will need critical treatment, signs to watch for would be PU/PD, vomiting, diarrhea, inappetence, lethargy, etc. O said she would rather think about whether she will treat at all over the weekend, would rather wait to treat when she is actually sick. Was very upset that the 'supposed preventive" care screenings revealed things we want her to treat.


wasnt sure if she wanted to "live her life" based on her Ps medical needs”!

Plus, “Client Education”? Um, really, folks? Are you ‘educating’ me on how to be an outstanding and understanding Pet Parent? I have nurtured three dogs for 33 years, Zoe being the third.

I am not her “owner” or “O”, I am the human who cares for her, and she is the dog that cares for me.

Your P and O stand for one thing, that’s right: Pissed Off! (Even life coaches get mad, y’all. Don’t mess with my little girl!)

Anyway, the upside and great news is the NEW vet Dr. Hamilton put her on 2 homeopathic medications said that the raw food diet is perfect and to add parsley to her food to bind phosphorous (which accelerates the dis-ease so we want to bind it so it will be eliminated). We will check her in about 3 months to see how things are progressing.

This was a great reminder that I MUST listen to my heart and gut when it’s telling me that this is wrong in so many ways... and I need time to allow all of my emotions to move through me before making a decision.

If that “vet” had it their way, Zoe would be receiving a needle under her skin with a hydration bag hanging over her head for the rest of her life...FOR NO REASON, except for them to make $80 a month off of me and a $275 test they wanted to do and this is on top of the $39 a month I pay as a “wellness plan”. Traditional Western medicine has never been a wellness plan, for me nor the beloved canines I have cared for.

Listen to your hearts and guts, babies!

Zoe and I stand with you all the way.

Please share your stories of successful, caring, animal doctor encounters and those that didn’t turn out so great.

We are all in this together. Paws Up, Y’all!

Love, Zoe and her Non-Owner, Lauren