My 12 Year Old Pupster - Zoe's Scary Story!


Hey There!

I had a very upsetting situation over my precious pupster, Zoe.

3 weeks ago I took her in for a “wellness check” at a new vet we’d only seen once before. They ran their tests and when the doc and assistant came back in, there was this sense of urgency that immediately rippled through me like a death sentence.

I was in shock and the doc was like, “we gotta keep her overnight and give her hydration, and run more tests, her blood work shows….blah, blah, blah,” all vet terms I didn't understand. When I asked what this meant, she said Zoe has Chronic Renal Failure. 

And, did I mention how shocked I was?

One thing I knew for sure, I wasn't leaving my girl pupster overnight or starting a subcutaneous hydration treatment that they recommend doing every day the rest of her life... to keep her alive.

Really, to keep her alive? Still in shock...  I needed to process and ride the waves of my intense emotions.

Once the shock wore off I was devastated, I mean really ripped up inside and out!

I started doing my own research and Zoe showed none of the symptoms that they described.

And the idea of treating my dog by putting a needle under her skin to pump her full of fluids just didn't feel like the right thing to do. No judgement on other people for what they are willing and deem necessary to do for their beloved, it just wasn’t gonna happen here.

Dave and I tried to do it one time and it was a disaster, and Zoe made sure we knew that under no circumstances would she allow us to do that. She was like...what the heck are you people doing, there’s nothing wrong with me, why are you sticking needles in me with that big scary bag of only God knows what, Geez!

I read a great blog recently by a good friend and healer, Gloria Boysal, about taking the right action for your right treatment and I knew that I needed to find the right treatment.

Also, to help in my decision making process was a wonderful morsel of advice from Dave. He said “Lauren, I grew up on a farm and if there is one thing I gotta meet your animal where they’re at!”  I realized then that I was meeting Zozos on her non-existent deathbed. 

Sooooooooo... on to plan B. Talking to all my healer friends, pet intuitive friends, pet healer intuitive friends and whoever would listen to my story, I began to decide what I felt was the right thing to do for my precious Zoe.

I opted out of western medicine, it just didn't feel right in my heart or my gut, and decided to go into a holistic lifestyle for Zoe.

I don’t like to use the word treatment. It sounds like she is sick and the truth is, and I mean it took 7 days for this to sink in, she’s just aging, so I upgraded saying treatment to holistic lifestyle. That immediately made me feel better.  I don’t know why they say “she is getting treatment” or “they are fighting cancer” or “he is struggling with dementia.”  My projection of feeling better made her feel better. Both Dave and I noticed her energy got better too.

We started her on a raw food diet and raw goats milk for now. I’ve contacted a veterinarian who prescribes homeopathic medicine for animals, referred by my good friend Rachele Webb. ( I will let you know what the holistic vet says after we visit with him). Also, I work with a group of amazing healers at my office, some of whom did some hands on healing work on Zozo the other day.

And most importantly, we have retired Zoe from her job as a therapy dog.

I feel sure she has taken on and processed a lot of human emotions which have added to the wearing down process. It’s time for her to coast and let people just love on her.

She will come to the office when she wants to…“for social reasons” and boy, she does like to be social. But, she will no longer be allowed to be on the table with clients and she may want to stay home more than she used to. I let her make the call.

It’s funny, all I have to do is ask, “you wanna go?”  If she runs under the couch or the bed, that’s a clear sign, NO, mom, I’m staying home today!

Thank you again to everyone who has been a great source of support, wisdom and help these last weeks.

I couldn’t have done this without you and you know who you are.

As we always takes a village and we sure are grateful we have a village.